We plan and prepare for many other major events in our lives... here are some reasons to Pre-Plan:

  • Decide together
  • Your loved ones won’t be left guessing
  • Decisions won’t have to be made at an emotional time
  • Peace of mind
  • Reflect your wishes


Pre-planning makes sense to many families and can give peace of mind not only to you, but also to the ones you love. It is perfectly logical and sensible. It is part of an effort that many are making to be responsible and caring. Consider joining the growing number of families who are making this decision today.

Most importantly, you can select options that are important to you and design a monument that reflects who you are. Rather than have your family confused over what you would have wanted or what is appropriate, you can save the family from having to decide what is the right thing to do for you.

You Can Express Your Own Wishes and Reflect Mutual Tastes

Today, more and more people are choosing to select their monuments and cemetery lots in advance. The wisdom in doing this revolves around three sound principles:

It relieves an emotional burden from your loved ones...

  • By pre-planning without the stress of recently losing a loved one, your loved ones won’t have this monumental responsibility. No one likes to think about his or her own death, but failure to do so makes it more difficult on the bereaved family.
  • Choosing a family memorial is a joint decision. Why should someone be forced to make it alone?

It relieves the financial burden from your loved ones...

  • You can select what you are financially comfortable with at today’s budget without financially burdening family when you are gone.
  • The worst time to make a financial commitment is when there has been a death in the family.
  • By planning in advance, you protect your family from high pressure sales tactics that can occur at a time when they are under emotional stress.
  • Advance planning assures that your insurance will be used for the needs of your loved ones.


We have the expertise, ability, and creativity to handle any project of request.
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Brannon Monument Co. specializes in personal and customized designs.
You can select personal choices with regard to color, shape, finish, lettering styles, design, and ornamentation. Please take some time to view some of the photographs from our large portfolio.


Today, people ar choosing to select thier monuments and cemetary lots in advance.
Pre-planning makes sense to many families and can give peace of mind not only to you, but also to the ones you love. It is perfectly logical and sensible.


Memorialization is a record and celebration of a life and of those who loved that life.
The practice of choosing cremation as an alternative to the traditional internment has not changed the public's desire to remember and honor life


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